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Why can't I get any reviews?

Getting reviews is hard. Am I Awesome tries to remove all the boring and mundane parts of the process but there still could be moments where you have a feeling that no one wants to review your work.
It is ok, and we've been there, that is why we wrote these notes to try to help you.

But it gets especially hard if we're talking about your first reviews: your possible reviewers don't have any previous testimonial on your page to take as an example. So they have a lot of questions: should they write a lot or just one short sentence? What parts of your work should they highlight? Or maybe better wait for someone else to leave the first review? A lot of stress.

How can we overcome that?

  • for the first reviews try to select clients that were ecstatic about your work and have a strong impulse to help you. It is ok if they are not recent clients, it is not diminishing the quality of the review.
  • in your message with a link to an Am I Awesome review request try to hint what you're expecting them to highlight in the review. Any particular part of the work you're proud of? Remind them about it, that would vastly simplify the storytelling process for them.
  • it is ok to ask again! Sometimes you have a feeling that if you ask once and there is no review, then it is evident that the client didn't like that work. It could be, but also it could be that they just forgot, so it is entirely ok to remind how you will be grateful to receive a review. But don't pressure too much, sometimes writing reviews is just not their cup of tea.
  • timing is important. So try to send a review request link the same or the next day after you've done the work. It could guarantee that emotions after your work are still high and the client would be more motivated to spend time writing a quality review for you.

Good luck! And always remember that if you have any questions or need more advice, just throw us a line.