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Privacy Policy

Identity & Access

When you sign up for Am I Awesome as a professional or a reviewer, we ask you to log in via one of your social accounts (Facebook/LinkedIn) to get your name, email, and profile image. That is used to avoid possible bot-activity or fraudulent reviews. This information is stored on our servers and is never passed to any third party.


When you browse our marketing pages or public pages of a professional we track that activity via Google Analytics with anonymized IP. It is needed to test conversion rates and make an educational guess on changes that we apply to the site. Feel free to check Google's privacy policy if you have further questions.


All data is encrypted when transmitted from our servers to your browser or stored in a database backup. Data isn't encrypted while being stored in the database as soon as you may request at any time, but we do everything possible to be sure that your data is rest if fully secured.

Deleted data

Everything you can delete via the user interface is removed immediately from the database and is incinerated in seven days from all other data stores.


You may request to delete/change/update your data at any time. Just write to us.