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Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur? We've built that project exactly for you.

With Am I Awesome you have a 84.5%* chance to receive a testimonial from your client.

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* — current average conversion rate accross all the users.


Getting high-quality testimonials is hard. You need to know how to ask your clients. You need to think how to structure the request. Then you need to find where to publish the results.

With Am I Awesome nothing of that is required: enter a client's name and what job you've done, then send the generated template. We'll handle the rest. It is like Trustpilot but for people.

Check how it works on this video:

Get new clients

Your page has all the testimonials in one place. Show it to your potential clients to prove what great work you can do for them.

That works better than any sales pitch.

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Get real feedback

All testimonials have a private part where your clients can give you straight feedback and advice about your work.

It is not published. But sometimes it's more valuable than a public one — helps you to improve.

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Showcase your achievements everywhere

Social networks are the great source of new clients. Win them by showing your achivements.

Am I Awesome helps with converting your testimonial into a social post in one click.

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Have a website already?

Add an Am I Awesome widget to it. It will automatically show the latest testimonials you've got.

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Feeling overwhelmed? Don't worry. Just read our advice about getting first testimonials, so you can get an overview of where to begin.